Diagnostic Testing

Pelvic X-Ray



What is Digital Radiography?

Our office is equipped with and utilizes digital x-rays.  With the addition of computer technology, digital radiography is a much more efficient, safer method of producing diagnostic images.  While traditional x-rays are considered safe, digital x-rays produce 80% less radiation than traditional.

What is Electrodiagnostic Testing?

Electrodiagnostic (EDX) studies (sometimes called EMG/NCV) are a commonly used technique to test the function of muscles and nerves.  These studies are ordered by physicians to help determine the cause of back or neck pain, numbness/tingling and strength loss in the arms and legs.  


At Motion Sports Medicine our electrodiagnostic testing is performed and interpreted by our medical specialist who is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and has 25 years experience in the performance and interpretation of these tests.